PJSC «Kharkiv CHPP-5»,
Podvorky, Kharkiv District,
Kharkiv Region, 62371, Ukraine
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Kharkiv Combined Heat and Power Plant No 5

Kharkiv Combined Heat-and-Power Plant No 5 (Kharkiv CHPP-5) is one of the most powerful CHP-plants in Ukraine. It is located near the village of Podvirky in Kharkiv Rajon (District) of Kharkiv Oblast (Region) and is designed to provide household, industrial and budgetary consumers of the city of Kharkiv and the surrounding villages with electric power and thermal energy.

Kharkiv CHPP-5 is capable of carrying an electrical load of up to 540 MW and covering a thermal load of up to 1420 Gcal/h. From the date of commissioning of power unit No 1 till May 1, 2020, Kharkiv CHPP-5 had released 62.25 billion kWh of electricity and 65.3 million Gcal of thermal energy to customers.

As a large backbone power plant, Kharkiv CHPP-5 has been a member of the Ukrainian energy market since 1995. Among our achievements in the past, we see work in 2003-2009 on the competitive sector of the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) of Ukraine, when our CHPP, in line with large power generating companies, TPPs, provided the Unified Power System (UPS) of Ukraine with systemic services by means of forcing its power units to change the active electric load. We are proud that our company had become the first CHPP in the world which had ventured to work on the competitive WEM sector, mastered the maneuverable load modes for combined power units, moreover, transferred its own experience to similar Ukrainian CHP-plants.

From the first days of July 2019, Kharkiv CHPP-5 had become a full member of the liberalized electricity market of Ukraine with the status of a Producer of Electric Energy and ever since had been successfully working on the Bilateral Contract Market, the Day-Ahead Market and the Intraday Market. On May 14, 2020, the CHPP-5 received 3 certificates on the compliance of its electrical installations with the requirements for Auxiliary Services and became the tenth Ukrainian electric power station, which received the status of a Participant of the Auxiliary Services Market. This significant event was preceded by a long organizational and technical preparation, as well as equipping the power units with the most modern technological control systems. On May 18, 2020, Kharkiv CHPP-5 for the first time took part in the auction of NEC UKRENERGO for the purchase of auxiliary services.

On the Regional Thermal Energy Market, the main partner of Kharkiv CHPP-5 is ME Kharkiv Heating Networks, which transports the heat purchased from the CHPP to residential areas and administrative centres, distributes it and sales to the consumers. In addition, ME Kharkiv Heating Networks buys softened water from CHPP-5 to feed the heating networks. Thus, in the field of district heating, CHPP-5 also provides auxiliary services - to maintain the hydraulic regime of the heating networks of the Kharkiv heating system.

Another extremely important function that the Kharkiv CHPP-5 performs in the interests of the regional fuel-and-energy complex of the Kharkiv Oblast is to stabilize the pressure in the gas distribution networks of Kharkiv. CHPP-5 is the largest consumer-regulator of natural gas in the Kharkiv Oblast. While having a developed fuel-oil equipment, it can, if necessary, switch from the main type of fuel, natural gas, to reserve fuel-oil, and support a high level of reliability of energy supply of consumers even in conditions of extremely low outdoor temperatures, and in case of emergency situations on gas pipelines.

Despite the difficulties caused by the global financial crisis, Kharkiv CHPP-5 looks with confidence to the future. It keeps a position of the flagship of the regional energy system, continuing to give the examples of fuel economy and environmental safety, as well as diversification of the types of energy business. We do everything so that the UPS of Ukraine works stably, and the heat supply of Kharkiv residents remains reliable and of high quality!