PJSC «Kharkiv CHPP-5»,
Podvorky, Dergachy District,
Kharkiv Region, 62371, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (057) 372-10-29
               +38 (057) 730-50-59
Fax:+38 (057) 731-42-98
Email: mbox@tec5.kharkov.ua

Kharkiv Combined Heat and Power Plant No 5

Kharkiv combined heat and power plant No 5 (Kharkiv TETS-5) - one of the most powerful CHP in Ukraine. It is located near-by Podvorky village in Dergachy District of the Kharkiv Region and intended for supply domestic and industrial customers of Kharkiv city with electricity and heat.

CHPP-5 is able to supply up to 540 MW of electric power and up 1420 Gcal/h of heat power. Its main fuel is natural gas but in the case of necessity CHPP-5 can switch to reserve fuel oil.

To date total output of Kharkiv CHPP-5 are over 50 milliards kWh of electric power, and 48 millions Gcal of heat.